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Typing Dos and Don`ts

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Typing Dos and Don`ts

When you think of typing and want to learn typing at a good speed, you have to follow some basic rules. Here are some Dos and DON'Ts to learn typing quickly with accuracy:


1. The first step toward typing is to have a good keyboard. Once you got trained, then it will not matter much, but initially it matters a lot. So, must bring a good quality of keyboard, if you don’t have one. Keep these points in mind before purchasing it.

2. Fix goals for short term as well as for long term. Be determine and must ensure to complete your goals. Short goals can be like: How many Words per Minute (WPM) you will increase your speed on each day or how many backspaces you will reduce each day as compared to previous day. Long goals can be like: How many days to you want to invest in to learn typing or how much you will improve in a week?

3. Practice makes the man perfect. Yes, it is not just a proverb. Every person, who have good hands on keyboard, every article on blogs or webpages strongly recommend it.

It is better to fix a particular time and divide your time in slots to make the practice more effective. To manage your time more efficiently, you can refer to this article.

4. Must sit properly, if you want to complete your resolution to have a good speed. It you don't, then you will exhausted soon and stop practicing. A wrong posture makes you uncomfortable, which can result in slow speed, muscle pain and you will fed-up of typing.

5. Make Mistakes. It is simple, the one who will try, make the mistakes initially. So, mistakes are good. But don't repeat them. Carefully notice them and try to improve them for next time.

6. Try to learn Touch Typing.


1. Don't look at keyboard. Remember it and do it any how. It is the biggest problem which people generally face. We are used to look at keyboard while typing, which is a bad habit and very difficult to leave. So, just think of typing without looking at keyboard, forget every other parameter like speed etc. More effective way to get rid of this habit is to practice row wise. Select home row and repeat it. Then practice with upper row and then lower row.

2. At many stages, you will feel that it is not working, will fed up and decide to stop. But you need to carry on. Think of the people who can type at a good speed and ask yourself, if they can do, why should not you? Giving up is not a solution, but continuity is.

3. Don't use backspace. It is a bad habit to use it regularly, but it is also true that without use of backspace, it is almost impossible to type anything. Still avoid backspaces, because a backspace press is equal to three key presses. Let me explain how? One is the wrong key you have pressed; another is backspace and third is the correct one. So better to think and find the right key instead of pressing a wrong key.

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List of things to do and to avoid while learning typing.

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