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Teaching Job or Frustration

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Teaching Job or Frustration

A newcomer, after post graduation without teaching experience can’t get a job easily. The candidate is made to join at a salary 12000-15000 per month on contract basis which is very less than that fixed by UGC. The colleges can’t offer good salaries as new students are very less because of the slump in market for passed out students. In some colleges, the Pupil-Teacher Ratio is around 1:30 against 1:15 recommended by UGC for under graduation.

Frustration for faculty when they are to go to other states, nearby areas and schools in peak teaching days for career guidance seminar so that student can get admission in their college. Despite talent, admissions referred by faculty members are criteria of their retention for next session. Fake advertisement for recruitment also adds to the dissatisfaction.

Some colleges are now near to close as no more than 10% seats are getting filled. Gone are the days, when students from UP, BIHAR and ASSAM were on the way to PUNJAB for admission in Engineering. Nowadays, there are enough colleges in all the states and the students are not willing to go to some other states for the higher studies. When the colleges are not getting proper income, they try to break the rules or guidelines set by higher Educational Councils like AICTE and UGC. They just advertise the posts so as to make reports for AICTE and UGC audits. These things leads to staff and student dissatisfaction.

According to my opinion, there are only two major things required for a college or institute, which are:

1. Old Staff Retention

2. Infrastructure

As there are very less students getting admitted in colleges, the management never concentrate on the basic requirements and just think of admissions only. For that the management try to build the pressure on staff. It leads to experienced staff with good salaries & quality education leaving the college and new staff with less salaries enters the college less in number. This is the real problem for the staff.

As the colleges are lacking the good staff, it will decrement the students So students are also dissatisfied with this on going scenario in engineering colleges. Ultimately, everyone in this field is in some trouble due to dissatisfaction. It could be management, student or staff.

Teaching union should come forward so that Job does not become frustration.

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This article is about the problems faced by teachers in Colleges and Institutes.

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