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Easy Equation of Education

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Easy Equation of Education

Interest of a child in studies is the main concern of today’s parents. Children do the things which make them happy but studies of today are more a burden than happiness to them, because they prefer the things which they can understand easily. There are many researched based programs are sold in the whole world in schools or institute to create the interest of child in studies.

The simplest way to create interest of student depends on one most important tool of communication and second tool is interesting equation of mathematics. The first tool is language which is most necessary to understand anything in this world. It is hundred percent proven that once children start understanding , whatever thought to them their mind automatically starts taking interest in the subject games or whatever they offered to learn.

Language is the only thing if taught properly then children start understanding their lessons of other subject. The base of language is the base of all the subjects even it is found in people child who are is and dumb , but expert in their language he or she can easily learn better than normal child.

Hence the key of modern education is language. Child once get expert in language can easily understand anything the teacher offers in teaching .Indian education system has one major flaw that is language the multiple language system in India puts burden of languages on children which confuses them and in try to understand languages they lose the interest on other subjects .

Language must be used as a tool to understand everything it should not be felt a burden by the children. Once the language is clear then the first and most important step of equation easy equation of education will be cleared. This method can be used by the adults also, get expert in one language then start reading or studying in the same language the result would have been different. Even to understand the other languages one has to be expert in one language only then we can translate words and understand these.

Lack of interest in Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Economics is due to weak base of mathematics, it is proven that mathematics is the second most important step of easy education equation. If a person is expert in mathematics he can adjudged the world better because of his ability to calculate the things faster than an average man.

Mathematics is a major tool to understand all the calculations in related subjects. If a child learns math and start understanding it his mind will automatically accept the challenges of difficult subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Geography. A good base of Mathematics is the finest gift in education whether it is learned or God gifted.

Try these two tools of education language and Mathematics at any age of life you will have a much better interest in all other subjects. People get failed in business due to poor calculations and people leave so many interesting things of life because they could not understand because of poor base of language .Try this Easy equation of education and help the world.

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