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Education and its purpose

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Education and its purpose

We usually hear from philosophers that knowledge is a master key of growing rich. Knowledge certainly plays a big role in making money or in higher earnings, but to get equipped with knowledge only education is an ultimate source. Education not only gives knowledge but enhance the skills also.

Education can be taken from experts or teachers in schools, colleges and universities, but one can also educate himself through books and other practices .Now a day�s online education through internet is also available for the education lovers .A right to education accepted worldwide, article 13 of the UN recognizes a universal right to education. In most of the countries education is compulsory up to certain age or a certain level. Educations for all known as sarv shiksha abhian in India and no child should be left behind are the two popular drives have been introduced by World Bank.

Education is the process of bringing desirable change into the behavior of human beings. It brings knowledge, skills and understanding in one�s life. Education can be described in different shapes .1, Formal education�it is full time study in a school or any campus with discipline and it includes qualification certificates, diploma or degree. It is career oriented studies 2, Non formal education�It comes through family at home or libraries and play grounds like how a child learn to ride bicycle or swimming etc.3, informal education-- It is gained through practice of daily activities surrounding us and it is also helpful in earnings, practical experience of agriculture is an example of this type of education.

The development of world has give education many other names, Child education, Adult education, Higher education, primary education, higher secondary education, Technical education and physical education etc.

The purpose of education is to bring happiness in one�s life and make a better society. Education enlightens the person and society with better understanding of living with good earnings, good health and good atmosphere. An educated person can find his earnings for living much easier than uneducated person. An educated population with educated doctors can live healthy life and they with their knowledge can create a peaceful and ideal atmosphere in society.

Social status and respect of a person depends on his or her qualification in the present days. Education provides the higher employment opportunities and helps in business as well. Educated people helps governments to make good polices for the benefits of their citizens. Philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato valued education as central to the moral fulfillment of individuals and the well-being of the society in which they live. It is proven in past decades as we have been watching the young generation in India becoming much more career conscious than involving themselves in useless activities.

Educated parents can care their families much better than illiterate parents and also the educated children can care their parents. Educated population understands their rights and duties which makes a stronger Nation. Education helps in character building of an individual and helps in understanding the moral values. Participation ratio of educated class in national politics is much higher and very much helpful in making good governance.

Education is the most valuable ornament which not only glitters but makes a person confident, inspirational and a complete personality

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The purpose of education and its effects.

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