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Information Technology might tackle Terrorism and Crime

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Information Technology might tackle Terrorism and Crime

Technology helps us in day to day life, but if we apply our common sense then we can use it to tackle increasing terrorism and crime in the world. Information technology helps us in faster communication with others. These days even politicians use IT (Information Technology) for communication with the masses. Earlier people used to communicate with letters and then telephones came and in late 20th century the new revolution came through computers. Now in 21st century people have many sources for communication, internet and mobile phones are two most powerful sources which help in exchange of information in seconds.

Terrorist mostly plan their actions and then attack the targets, their organizations involve in several unfair activities. If public properly use the technology and report any suspicious activity surrounding them to the law savers then terrorists can be stopped before their act of terrorism. Criminal activates if reported in time with the help of IT then we can reduce crime also. People, who are equipped with smart phones and internet, can immediately spread information about any unfair or suspicious activity they see around them and law savers can act in time. They can inform public also to not to visit the affected area.

Internet has left far behind Newspapers and TV News channels and given us the new technology of spreading information and news which is called social media. There are many sources of social media available which provides services free of coast for example people can tweet or post on Face book and can use Goggle’s services for spreading news or information. These sources also help in updating public with latest information. >/p>

The new and the fastest way to spread information is mobile applications, all you need is a mobile phone and internet connection. There are applications available which can help people in protection of their families’ trough GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker. Here one should also understand GPS “It is a global positioning system which can trace the location of a device holder in any weather, it works through satellites“.

Mobile applications like Familonet,Life360, Funa and many others, Map my India is an Indian App in this list. Almost every news source has its App and provides instant news on mobile phones .Face Book also gives information about new trends and one can post his or her own information on Facebook. The most popular App for communication is WhatsApp . One can use WhatsApp for informing individuals or groups about the happenings by posting videos, photos, text, and voice messages.

There is one more category of Apps which provide news and information from different news or information sources at one platform with the help of RSS feed (The source which news houses provide to use for further publication) News Hunt is one these . Some apps also use services of YouTube for telling and showing news with videos on mobile phones.

There is a new mobile App named Sawdhan (Download from Google Play), which is providing text news in English and Hindi , it also provide news related to terrorists organizations and news from all over the world on almost every topic. It also provides space to the websites on its websites section. It has started a new feature of giving video news from almost every state of India and interestingly it can telecast live news on phone. The best part of this App is Public News section, where anyone can post anything through videos, text, photos or by just speaking. It has a feature to alert the people for any problem by using its high alert button, with the help of GPS the location of the person providing any information can be seen and law savers or his or her near and dears can reach there and can help the person. These types of applications are really helpful in protecting terrorism and crime.

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Some mobile Apps which are really helpful to tackle Terrorism and Crime .

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