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Punjabi may enrich your lifestyle and career

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Punjabi may enrich your lifestyle and career

World’s 10th most popular language if learned can help you in making your life much healthier and can give you much more glamorous career. Punjabi is an official language of Punjab in India, but it is widely spoken in Pakistan also, as a second or first language. In India it is 11th most popular language, but in England and Canada it is 4th most popular language after English and French at the top. It is being estimated that nearly 150 millions of world’s population speak Punjabi that is why Punjabi lifestyle has a great impact on people’s life worldwide. Punjabis are well known warriors and experts in almost every area of life.

How it enriches the lifestyle?

The question is asked by many who doesn’t know Punjabi, but once they enter in Punjab in India or Punjabi populist places in world, like South hall in England and Toronto in Canada they get their answer. Once one adopts the Punjabi culture he learns to live life large heartedly. Working capacity and eating capacity of a Punjabi is far ahead of an average man. They are hard workers with good intelligence as well; some of them are great cook. Punjabi foods like chapatti of maize’s floor with Saag (a mustard leaves based dish), Daal Makhani (made by pulse of Urad) and Rajmah (Red Kidney Beans) are few popular vegetarian recopies. In non-vegetarian food there are countless recopies available at different places in Punjabi populist regions like butter chicken, Roasted chicken, Meat masala etc.

Punjabi dresses are comfortable and smart like Kurta Pajama for males and salwar suits for females. These dresses make a person smart at work because of the stitching with the preference of comfort during working in fields and at home by females. However these days Punjabis also like modern international dresses but Indian politicians are still seen in Kurta Pajama at maximum times. Ex PM Sardar Manmohan Singh and present PM of India Mr. Narender Modi are also fans of Kurta Pajama, Mr. Modi is also famous for his stylish kurtas. So we can say or feel when a person is taught Punjabi that automatically introduced Punjabi culture to him which can change lifestyle of the person.

How can it enrich career?

Punjabis like to live a carefree life with a good source of income which they generate with the quality hard work and they really deserve that. Punjabi language if known properly and a person with a good voice if learn Punjabi music he or she can make fortunes in Bollywood film industry. The whole film industry in India is largely influenced by Punjabi music and lyrics. Many Punjabis are popular singers in industry like legend Gurdas Maan , Daler Mehndi and Miss Puja in Females are on top of the list. Punjabi poetry has a big depth in it.

The other benefit of learning Punjabi is getting government jobs in one of the finest state of India Punjab. People do migrate from other states to Punjab for better prospectus of life and to get a government job in Punjab one must have learned Punjabi. Punjabi helps in better communication with people of Punjab; Punjabi helps to understand the routine work in government offices.

The international benefit of Punjabi is another great point of concern. The Punjabis set themselves as good businessmen in the different countries and if a person knows Punjabi he or she can easily do any deal with Punjabi NRIs. The Punjabi can help in overseas trade with Punjabi businessmen, it is easy for a Punjabi to contact and communicate with Punjabi NRIs.

Over all Punjabi language is one of the best languages of the world for communication and it can be learned easily. All the Punjabis has one loud dialogue which they speak at the time of joy and happiness, that is Duuuurrraaaa .

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This article is about how Punjabi can be helpful for you to enrich your life style and career.

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