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7 Ways to care your keyboard

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7 Ways to care your keyboard

In the modern age of technology, computers are the main part of human life. And any computer is almost useless without its supporting peripheral devices like keyboard, touchpad, mouse etc. It is very necessary to keep them clean and care them, if you wish their long life. If we talk about keyboards or keypads, people generally ignore to clean as they are cheap to replace. But replacement is not a solution always. If your keypad has a problem, then it will be a headache for you to get it replaced and sometimes replacements are not available. These devices need a little care and stay with for a long with you.

Before these tips, I want to share an incident with you which happened with me. Once a hair of my eyelashes had fallen on keypad of my laptop and entered under left-Alt key. The Alter key stopped working and I was a regular user of Alt key which I frequently use with Tab to shuffle between opened windows. I tried to clean it with a blower, but I was unsuccessful and was unaware of the fact that a hair is in-between the key and the circuit under it. I consulted it with a computer hardware shopkeeper and he suggested replacing the keypad, which I don't want to. Once I decided to open the by removing its key-cap. When I checked it carefully, I saw an edge of tiny hair. I just picked it up with a plucker and re-capped it after a little more cleaning. Wao.. It was functional and working properly.

Today, I am going to share seven important tips to keep your keyboard clean and long lasting.

1. Wire safety

Wire is the most sensitive part of keyboard which got damaged most often. Avoid bending it. Don't place anything heavy on it to avoid stress, which can cause cuts or breakage. Kinked cables can also result in spelling mistakes. Ensure to fix the adapters properly.

2. Avoid Liquids

Spilling of liquids is very harmful. It can damage your keyboard's internal circuit or can cause malfunctioning of keyboard.

3. Avoid eating while sitting on keyboard

Don't eat while sitting near the keyboard. When you do so, small pieces of you food can fall and enter inside the circuit, which can result in stopping one or more keys from functioning. Also insects can be invited by you unknowingly, which sometimes decide to reside in your keyboard, if you provide them food so often. Also when you type with sticky or oily hand, it ends up in finger slipping. Also it is harmful from the point of view of deletion of characters printed on keys, because lubricants and moisture are biggest enemies of printed character on keys of your keyboard.

4. Soft key press

Try to press the keys as soft as you can. It helps in long life of keys and characters printed upon them. Basically, this type of typing is famous as touch typing. It helps you a lot to increase your speed also.

5. Cover after Use

Cover it to avoid dust particles. It can harm the circuit under the keys, which results in non-functioning of one or more keys. I recommend using dust proof covers like poly-covers, cardboard-covers etc., avoiding cloth covers, because clothes have pores (micro holes) inside them, which are sometimes unable to stop micro-dust.

6. Clean it properly

Use a lint free cloth to avoid scratches on your keyboard. Also you can use a vacuum cleaner, air blower or 90% isopropyl alcohol, which is easy available on all medical stores . But never use ethyl based alcohol; it can harm your keyboard as well as other body parts of computer. I use ear buds with dipped edges in petrol to remove stub-born dust from inner corners and from space between the keys, for my laptop's keypad as well as for my desktop's keyboard. It is safe, cheapest and easily available material. These days, USB based small and special vacuum cleaners for keyboards are available, if you can manage them, then it is more than good.

7. Care for batteries

If you are using a wireless keyboard, then take care of your batteries. Try to use rechargeable batteries. Must ensure to clean the space for batteries when you are replacing them.

Finally, avoid liquids, dust, eatables, and oily hands. Cover it properly after use. Service them on regular intervals. You can use any of above mentioned method to clean it as well as other few options are available. So, let the keyboard live long.

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This article is about taking care of your keyboard for its long life and proper functioning.

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