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Name the Indian author, who will be part of 5-member judging panel for 2020 International Booker Prize?

Jeet Thayil

Name the girl who has been selected for the prestigious 2 months Internship at International court of Justice?

Isha Kanth

Who has been appointed as secretary of overseas Indian affairs?

Vikas Swarup

Which Indian state got Asia's first six Sigma Institute of Mountain Medicines and high altitude rescue ?


Where the world's largest moveable metal structure has been unveiled ?


Which State/UT ranks best performing in the field of education?

Chandigarh. | Performance Grading Index placed Chandigarh at the top of the list followed by Kerala and Gujrat. Harayan at 4th, Punjab is at 7th place and Arunachal Pradesh is at the bottom of the list.

Who won the 2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour title

Magnus Carlsen of Norway | Viswanathan Anand finished up at 11th with 4.5 points. Magnus Carlsen of Norway defeated Wesley So of US at Croatia Grand Chess Tour title.

Which State Govt. plans to spot of the defunct traditional thermal power plant into solar park.

Delhi Government | Delhi Govt. has decided in its cabinet that the Rajghat Thermal Power Station into a Thermal Park which will produce 5,000 KW of electricity.

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