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10 most interesting ways to increase your Typing speed

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10 most interesting ways to increase your Typing speed

There are numerous ways mentioned in different websites, blog and videos which can help you to increase your speed. From which, some are very useful and effective and some are less and a few are useless. In this article, I will list out ten self-tested and proven ways, which are easy, interesting and can really help you to increase your typing speed. These ways are:

Take Typing Speed test regularly

Doing this will help you out to find out your Words Per Minute (WPM) speed. There are many websites and software which can be used for this purpose. A Few are Typing Master, Khilare Typing Tutor

Chatting and Commenting

Chatting is one of the best ways to speed up your fingers on keyboard. Chatting is also very interesting way to do so. While chatting, our brain is fully focused on the topic, hence it outcomes much accurate sentences. Also it’s a part of most of the teenagers routine life, so they do not need to spare time for practicing. Desktop versions of almost all the famous chat applications e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messangers etc. are also available free of cost. Another benefit of chatting is that all of us use slangs and repeat common words a lot of time, which helps the fingers to memorize those words and improved speed as a result. Commenting is also a good method. While typing comments, our brain is completely focussed on the topic and the synchronization between the brain and fingers is perfect, which helps a lot in finger movements and accuracy.

Typing content of your Interest

While learning something, it is the best practice to learn it the way you love to learn and same is applicable to learning typing. Select the articles from niche you love to read and practice with them. There are many software and websites which allow you to use your own material for typing. One of them is this Custom Text Tutor.

Games based on typing

Games are always wonderful thing to do and almost everyone love to play games. The biggest benefit of using games to increase your typing speed is that you will not ever feel it tasteless. Human desire to win works here to make you winner and learn at an instant speed also. A few games are : Typingtest Games, Sense-Lang Games, Free Typing Game

Do not look at keyboard

In past few months, many people discussed their problem with that they are used to look at keyboard while type and I was one of them. It is not as easy to give up this habit as it is easy to suggest, but it is not impossible too. Determination can achieve anything and be determined to you. Convince yourself to stop looking at keyboard. Do not worry about your Words per Minute (WPM) speed, just focus on pressing correct keys and typing correct words while typing. If you are helpless to give-up this habit then I suggest you to type in the dark, where characters printed on keyboard are not visible. I know, it is a weird method, but it will be very helpful for those who are unable to give this bad habit up.

Repeat, repeat and repeat

Repetition is the proven to memorize anything. Hence it can be applied on learning typing also. When you repeat same text many times your finger will start moving automatically to the correct keys. So try to repeat the common word more and more.

Finger Memorization

Start feeling alphabet F and J on QWERTY keyboards. Both these keys have an embossed or marks which helps to determine the position of all other keys. Just make them home for index fingers of both hands, so that fingers automatically return to their locations after pressing any character. Let the fingers remember the location of various keys, do not bother the brain and free it read or thing the text which you have to type next.

Time slots based practice

Figure out the time spans which you can spare for typing. Calculate total time which you have and divide them in to slots. I suggest to keep each slot between 30 minutes to 1 hour. It will help you to regularize your typing practice. If you want to read more about time management while learning typing, you can refer this Article.

Proper posture

It is very important to sit in a proper posture to stay long in this game. Improper posture can make you tired and you will start feeling hard to speed up your typing. Therefore, sit straight, lean your back to back support of your chair, keep the keyboard just a few centimeters below your elbow height, place index fingers on F and J keys. Use both your hands and all your fingers I noticed any people using one hand or just index fingers while typing, which is a very bad practice. If once, you will be habitual to it, it will be a big headache for you in future. It is very important to use both your hands and all your fingers to participate in act of typing.

I hope these methods will be very helpful to you. If it is, then share this article on Facebook, twitter or wherever you want to share.

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This article is about how I improve my typing speed.

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