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Daily Quiz

1. Legislature Structure of Punjab is




 None of These

2. Highest elevation of Punjab State is

 571 m

 551 m

 751 m

 1571 m

3. Capital of Punjab State between 1953-1966





4. Capital of PEPSU was





5. Which of the following states is located in the south of Punjab?


 Himachal Pradesh

 Jammu & Kashmir


6. What is the name of the soil found in the Mid-plains in Punjab?

 Clayey soil

 Black soil

 Alluvial soil

 Sandy soil

7. Which of the following rivers has the Upper-Bari Doab canal or tributary been diverted from?




 Saraswati (Ghaggar)

8. Mohali and Ropar districts of Punjab falls under which region





9. Which belt or region of Punjab does come under the Ravi and the Beas rivers?





10. Name of State tree is?





11. Population Wise Rank of Punjab in India is





12. Area of Punjab state is?

 52,362 km Sq

 57,201 km Sq

 50,362 km Sq

 50,00 km Sq


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