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Daily Quiz

1. Kanjhli wetland is situated at



 Tarn Taran Sahib


2. Nestle Milk Plant is situated at





3. Name of the bus service started in 2006 between Amritsar and Lahore





4. Hemkund Sahib is situated in which State


 Himachal Pradesh

 Jammu & Kashmir


5. Fort of Bathinda was built by

 Rajia Sultana

 Qutbuddin Aibak

 Maharaja Ranjit Singh

 Raja Dhab

6. According to Census 2011, population wise Punjab`s rank is





7. Gobindgarh Fort is situated at





8. Length of Guru Gobind Singh Marg, which starts from Anandpur Sahib reaches Talwandi Sabo and connect 91 religious places, is





9. Sanjh Kendra, related with police department of Punjab, were started with help of Center Govt. in





10. Where Barki Memorial is situated



 Fatehgarh Sahib


11. First Solar plant in Punjab was established at


 Anandpur Sahib



12. When was Chandigarh established?






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