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Daily Quiz

1. Second battle of terrain was fought in year ?





2. Battle of Ferozeshah was fought between?

 English and mughal

 English and sikhs

 English and akbar

 None of these

3. At which place Akbar was coronated ?




 None of these

4. First battle of panipat was fought in ?





5. Indian national Army was formed by?

 Subash Chandra bose

 Lala lajpat rai

 lala hardyal

 none of these

6. Indian national Army was formed by?

 Subash Chandra bose

 Lala lajpat rai

 lala hardyal

 none of these

7. Slogan Give me Blood I will Give you freedom was given by?

 Mahatama Gandhi

 Subash Chandra bose

 Bhagat Singh

 none of these

8. Slogan Jai Hind were given by ?

 Mahatama Gandhi

 Subash Chandra bose

 Bhagat singh

 None of these

9. Muslim league announced Pakistan Day on ?

 March 1942

 March 1943

 March 1944

 none of these

10. Muslim league observed DIrect Action day on ?

 Aug 16 1947

 July 16 1946

 Aug 16 1946

 Sep 16 !947

11. Who was the Chairman of Punjab boundary Commission 1947 ?

 Sir simmon

 Sir Cyrill redcliffe

 Sir lord

 none of these

12. When did bhagat singh on hunger strike in jail?

 june 1928

 may 1929

 july 1929

 june 1929

13. Bhagat singh was executed on?

 22 march 1931

 23 march 1932

 23 march 1931

 23 march 1930

14. Who was the main leader of Dharam Yudh Morcha movement in Punjab?

 Giani Kartar Singh

 Master tara Singh

 Harchand singh Longowal

 none of these

15. Sewa singh Thikriwala was associated with which movement of punjab ?

 Chakarvati movement

 Praja Mandal Movement

 Dandi march

 None of these

16. when was Punjab Naujwan sabha formed?

 March 1920

 Feb 1926


 March 1926

17. Who was the first indian lady president of congress?

 Annie Besant

 indira gandhi

 Saroijini Naidu

 none of these

18. Who was the first lady president of Congress?

 Saroijini Naidu

 Annie Besant

 indira gandhi

 None of these

19. Rivers meant for usage of pakistan Under Indus water Treeaty were ?

 Indus, chenab and ravi

 Satluj beas and chenab

 Indus, chenab and jhelum

 none of these

20. Who was the president of Punjab Rayasti Praja Mandal?

 Sewa Singh Thikriwal

 Bhagat puran singh

 Master tara singh

 none of these

21. Indus Water treaty was signed between ?

 In 1962 India and pakistan

 In 1960 India and pakistan

 In 1964 India and nepal

 none of these

22. Who formed Singh Sabha Lahore ?

 Gurmukh Singh

 Gurdit Singh

 Lala Hardyal Singh

 None of these

23. Who was the first chairman of the "Sri guru singh Sabha"?

 Master Tara Singh

 Thakur singh Ahluwalia

 Gurmukh singh

 Gurdit singh

24. Kamagatamaru was travelling to vancover from



 Hong kong

 none of these

25. when was the sikh gurdwara act implemented?

 Nov 1 1926

 Nov 10 1925

 Oct 1 1925

 Nov 1 1925



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