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Daily Quiz

1. Who was the last viceroy of India

 Lord Linlithgow

 Lord Mountbatten

 Lord Wavell

 Element Attlee

2. PH Quota in railway ticket means

 President House

 Parliament House


 Police Headquarters

3. Pandit Ravi Shankar's name is associated with





4. Escort car in India is manufactured by

 DMC Motors


 Escort Tractors

 Mohindra Ford

5. Artificial silk is called





6. Which canal connects Europe with Asia

 Panama Canal

 Kiel Canal

 Suez Canal

 Baltic White Sea Canal

7. Ganesh Pooja is very Popular in





8. Which of the following schemes had been introduced for tribals in Union Budget 2014-15

 Sc Kalyan Yojna

 Anusuhit Janjaati Kalyan Yojna

 Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna

 Harijan Uttan Yojna

9. Which Country became the 15th one to adopt Euro as currency from 1 Jan, 2015




 Sri Lanka

10. Chum Chum Rakhan Nee Eh Kalgi Jujhar Di was sung by

 Prakash kaur

 Surinder kaur

 Narinder Biba

 Daleep kaur

11. Maiden flight by Wright brothers was taken in





12. Who invented the ball-point pen




 Lazzlo Biro

13. Craft Museum is situated at



 New Delhi


14. South-West monsoon brings rain in





15. India's longest tunnel Jawahar Tunnel is situated in


 Jammu and Kashmir



16. India's first coloured film





17. The World press Freedom Day is observed on

 12th December

 3rd May

 15th September

 1st December

18. National bird of India is





19. ......is categorised as millet





20. On whose Samadhi the words Hey Ram are found


 Indira Gandhi


 Mahatma Gandhi

21. Which one of the following is found in Plaster of Paris





22. Which among the following states has the highest amount of nickel ore resources





23. Biggest State in population in India is

 Arunachal Pradesh



 Uttar Pradesh

24. The first Governor of Punjab was

 Arjun Singh


 Chandu Lal Trivedi

 None of these

25. The number of Lok Sabha seats in Punjab







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