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Daily Quiz

1. Which one of the following is the tallest tower in the world

 Canadian National Tower

 Ostankino Tower

 Petronas Tower

 Sears Tower

2. The City of Baghdad is situated by the river





3. The National symbol of China is

 Bald eagle




4. The national emblem of Canada is



 White Lily


5. Drop is the term associated with





6. The sudden change of government generally by violent means

 Coup d’ etat



 Self -rule

7. The new name of Saigon is





8. Land of the Midnight sun is





9. Gate of Tears is





10. Dark continent is





11. Julius Caesar invaded Great Britain in the year

 61 B.C.

 58 B.C.

 55 B.C.

 66 B.C.

12. Saka Era began in the year

 88 B.C.

 78 A.D.

 57 B.C.

 98 B.C.


14. Fountain pen was invented by

 J. Eng, J. Mussolle and H.Vogt

 Sir George Cayley

 Prof .F. S. Kipping

 Lewis E. Waterman

15. Agra is situated at the bank of





16. The Chief Minister is appointed by the




 Prime Minister

17. The balancing of the two forces of demand and supply is




 None of the above

18. Kalidas Samman national award for classical dance was instituted by the

 Government of India

 Madhya Pradesh Government

 Labour Ministry

 Uttar Pradesh Government

19. Acidity of rain is measured by





20. Vikramshila University was founded by

 Chandra Gupta Maurya



 Pulakesin II

21. Which one of the following Cricketer has been declared by the ICC as Cricketer of the Twentieth Century

 Sachin Tendulkar

 Kapil Dev

 Anil Kumble

 Rahul Dravid

22. When ice is heated from 0 to 100C the volume of water

 Increase steadily

 Decreases steadily

 First increases then decrease

 First decreases then increases

23. The growth of bacteria is measured by





24. Carbohydrates are compounds of

 Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen

 Carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen

 Carbon and nitrogen

 Carbon and hydrogen

25. As per 2011 census, in Indian the number of females per thousands males is







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