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1. Which of the following is not a feature of Indian Constitution

 Lengthiest Written Constitution

 Secular State

 Federal System with Unitary Features

 Dependent Judiciary

2. Articles 239-241 of our constitution deals with

 Cooperative Societies

 Union Territories


 Emergency Provisions

3. Which of the following is not correctly matched

 Eighth Schedule-Languages

 Eleventh Schedule-Panchayats

 Seventh Schedule- Distribution of Power between union and States

 All are correctly matched

4. First State which was created on linguistic basis

 Andhra Pradesh

 Madhya Pradesh

 Tamil Naidu


5. Latest indian state Telegana came into existence on

 June 2014

 July 2015

 June 2015

 Jan 2016

6. When was the state Harayana carved out of Punjab





7. Through Which Constitutional amendment Act Delhi was given the status of National Capital Territory of India





8. At Present how many states and union territories are there in India

 28 States 8 UTs

 29 States 8 UTs

 28 States 7 UTs

 29 States 7 UTs

9. Bill related to create a new state or alter a existing state can be introduced in

 Upper house of Parliament on the recommendation of President

 Lower house of Parliament on the recommendation of President

 Either House of Parliament on the recommendation of President

 None of these

10. The Right to property was removed from the list of fundamental rights by

 42nd Amendment Act

 52nd Amendment Act

 44th Amendment Act

 66th Amendment Act

11. How many Fundamental Duties are added in our constitution by 42nd constitutional Amendment Act 1976

 10 FDs

 12 FDs

 11 FDs

 9 FDs

12. Fundamental Duties are mentioned in which of the following Artcle of Indian constitution

 Article 51

 Article 52

 Article 51A

 Article 54

13. Which of the following condition related President's Office is false

 He should not be the member of either house of parliament or house of State Legistature

 He Should not hold any other office of Profit

 Emoluments Allowance and Privileges of president are determined by Parliament

 All are true

14. Which of following is incorrectly matched

 First President and longest tenure-Dr Rajendra Prasad

 Youngest President-N Sanjeeva Reddy

 First woman President- Mrs Pratibha Patil

 Dr Zakir Hussain-First Dalit President

15. Under Article 61, President impeachment from office has following conditions except

 if both houses passes the motion of charges by two-thirds of total membership, president removed from his office.

 Charges should by signed by one-fourth members of the House that framed the charges

 14 days notice should be given to the president

 All are true conditions

16. Who won the election of the President as an independent candidate in 1969

 Giani Zail Singh

 Dr Zakir Hussain

 VV Giri

 K R Nararanan

17. In july 1977 who among the following was elected unopposed president of india

 N Sanjeeva Reddy

 F Ali Ahmed

 R Venkataraman

 BD Jatti

18. Who among the following Presidents of India was also the Chief Justice of india

 Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

 M Hidayattullah

 Dr S Radhakrishnan

 KR Narayanan

19. President nominates how many members in Rajya Sabha





20. If a bill is passed in Parliament again sent by president for reconsideration then President

 can give his assent to the bill

 Withhold his assent to the bill

 Return the bill

 He has to give his assent to the bill

21. To recommend the distribution of revenues between the Centre and the States President constitutes Finance Commission after every

 5 Years

 4 Years

 6 Years

 3 Years

22. Who is the Supreme Commander of the defence Forces of India




 Vice President

23. Which of the following statement is wrong regarding the emergency declaration in india

 First emergency-1962 due to chinese Aggression

 Second emergency 1971 due to indo-Pakistan war

 Third emergency- 1975 on grounds of internal disturbance

 All are true

24. Which of the following is a type of veto power of president

 Absolute veto

 Qualified veto

 Suspension Veto

 All of the above

25. Taking no action on the bill passed by the legislature that is Pocket Veto power of president was used first time in 1986 In the postal bill by president

 Giani Zail Singh

 Dr S Radhakrishnan

 KR Narayanan

 R Venkataraman


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