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Daily Quiz

1. Long Walk to Freedom" is the autobiography of which one of the following Bharat Ratna recipients -

 S. Radhakrishnan

 Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

 Nelson Mandela

 none of these

2. Which city houses the headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)?

 New York




3. ICMR is the abbreviation for -

 Indian Council of Microbial Research

 International Council for Malarial Research

 International Council of Medical Research

 Indian Council of Medical Research

4. Seasonal migration of people is known as -

 Intra migration




5. National AIDS research Institute is at -


 New delhi



6. September 1, 1956 is the foundation day of -





7. Who was youngest Nobel Laureates in Nobel Prize history?

 Malala Yousafzai

 Paul A.M. Dirac

 Werner Heisenberg

 none of these

8. In Cyber Law terminology 'DOS' means -

 Disk Operating System

 Distant Operator Service

 Denial of Service

 none of these

9. NREGA was renamed 'MNREGA' on -

 October 2, 2012

 October 2, 2010

 October 2, 2006

 October 2, 2009

10. Central Inland Water Transport Corporation is located in -





11. Shadow Cabinet" is the features of administrative system of - 1) Britain 2) Germany 3) France 4) Spain





12. Which of the following days has been declared as National Handloom Day by the government of India? 1) August 5 2) August 10 3) August 7 4) August 14

 August 10

 August 7

 August 8

 Augest 9

13. The historical name of Uttar Kashi is -





14. Which of the following was known as 'Kubjamrak' in ancient time?





15. The 'Dhawaj Temple' of 9th century in Dwarahat is also known as -

 Kachheri Temple

 Gujardev Temple

 Maha Mrityunjay Temple

 Katarmal Temple

16. In which of the following year the 'National Population Policy' (NPP) was announced in India?





17. Which of the following pairs (State-date of formation) is correctly matched ?

 Chhattisgarh - 20 November, 2000

 Telangana - 15 August, 2014

 Haryana - 1 November 1966

 Mizoram - 25 June, 1986

18. The National Award for Child Welfare was instituted in the year - 1) 1996 AD 2) 1979 AD 3) 2008 AD 4) 2014 AD





19. Which of the following states incorporated 'Environmental Education' as a subject in school curriculum for the first time? 1) Uttarkhand 2) Maharashtra 3) Kerala 4) Rajasthan


 Himachal pardesh



20. Which of the following state has been declared as 'India"s first State to have adopted organic farming?





21. The national Institute for Rural Development (NIRD) is situated in -

 New Delhi




22. Which among the following countries whose National Anthem has only music not words -





23. Who was the first woman president of the UN General Assembly?

 Aruna Asif Ali

 Sarojini Naidu

 Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

 Virginia Woolf

24. First woman speaker of Loksabha was ?

 Smt Margarate Alva

 Sarojini naidu

 Meira kumar

 none of these

25. K. S. Ranjit Singh ji was?

 First field marshal

 First indian test cricketer

 first air marshal

 none of these



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