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Daily Quiz

1. Capital of Norway





2. The English Used to rule over

 62 countries

 60 countries

 66 countries

 50 countries

3. A Lok Sabha member must be above

 15 years of age

 18 years of age

 20 years of age

 25 years of age

4. Individual liberty is best reflected in a

 Welfare State

 Socialist State

 Communist State

 Fascist State

5. Who among the following can be removed without the resolution of the Parliament

 Governor of a state

 Chief Justice of India

 President of India

 Chief Election Commissioner

6. National Aviation Company of India is the holding company of

 Air India

 Indian Airlines

 Jet Airways

 Deccan Airlines

7. The term Gold Standard implies

 Refined gold

 Pure gold

 Standard gold

 None of these

8. Demand of a commodity mainly depends upon

 Tax Policy

 Desire to purchase

 Power to Purchase


9. Which of the following states is amongst the top power selling states in India





10. T.B. is caused by



 Both Bacteria and Virus

 None of these

11. Which prize is awarded by UNESCO for popularising science

 I.G.Peace Prize

 Kalinga Prize

 Gandhi Award

 Leadership Award

12. The voltage of the domestic electricity is

 220 volt

 440 volt

 120 volt

 240 volt

13. The shooting star is basically a

 Comet tract



 None of these

14. Locust is a Variety of


 Sea birds



15. The Indus Valley Civilization was basically





16. American Civil War saw the end of




 None of the above

17. Mughal Emperor known as Zinda Pir


 Shah Jahan



18. Which is the longest day in the northern India

 December 21

 June 15

 June 21

 May 17

19. GEOGRAPHICALLY, India is a part of





20. Dew is formed when

 Moisture is deposited on cool surface

 Wind is too dry to cause rainfall

 Sky is overcast at night

 None of these

21. Hari Prasad Chaurasia is related to





22. The book referred to as the fifth Veda





23. Suraj Kund Craft Mela is held in





24. In which city did the CM of Punjab give approval to set up Mega Food Park





25. Which of the following countries won the 2014 FIFA world Cup on 13 July,2014




 South Korea



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