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Daily Quiz

1. Which star is the nearest to the earth




 Alpha Centauri

2. Aam Khas Baag in Punjab is situated at





3. The classical dance of Uttar Pradesh is





4. The Largest desert in the world is





5. Name the poet in the Court of the Gupta rulers





6. The name of Shivaji's mother was

 Chand Bibi

 Ahalya Bai


 Panna Bai

7. How many wars has India fought with Pakistan





8. The bomb that destroys life only, but not property

 Neutron Bomb

 Atom Bomb

 Hydrogen Bomb

 None of these

9. Newton is the unit of





10. Cow's milk is slightly yellowish due to



 Lack of vitamin

 None of the above

11. Scientific study of Viruses is called





12. Which of the following is not included in the list of six basic industries

 Crude oil




13. The White Revolution refers to the growth of





14. The backbone of Indian Economy



 Film Industry

 None of these

15. First Five Year Plan was launched in





16. Vande Mataram occurs in which book




 Anand Math

17. Which Article provides for the institution of Panchayat Raj





18. Who was first President of India

 Morarji Desai

 Dr. Zakir Hussain


 Dr.Rajendra Prasad

19. National Dairy Research Institute is located at





20. The 18th Century Tiger Of Mysore

 Temur Lung

 Bahadur Shah

 Tipu Sultan

 None of these

21. When did the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into effect





22. World's deepest ocean


 Indian Ocean



23. First Indian lady Kalpana Chawla entered the space in





24. Late Sahir Ludhianvi was a famous


 Urdu poet

 Story teller


25. Indian railway station at the highest altitude



 Ghoom ( neat Darjeeling)

 None of these



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