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Daily Quiz

1. Asa Singh Mastana was famous as a





2. The first Sikh President of India was

 Manmohan Singh

 Manohar Singh Gill

 Giani Zail Singh

 None of these

3. Which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in India

 Upper Bari Doab Canal

 Sirhind Canal

 Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal

 Indira Gandhi Canal

4. Who gived Kalinga Award





5. Headquarters of Red Cross are in




 New York

6. The land of maximum biodiversity is.........





7. Prince of Wales Cup is associated with





8. Where is Security Paper Mill located

 Ganga Nagar




9. In the event of the breakdown of the constitutional machinery of any state, under which one of the following Articles can President's Rule be imposed

 Article 370

 Article 352

 Article 256

 Article 360

10. Economic growth mainly depends on

 Price stability

 Level of Investment

 Population growth

 Level of consumption

11. Which state of India produces maximum spices




 Arunach Pradesh

12. Which bank gives long term loan to farmers

 Asian Development Bank


 Land Development Bank


13. An instrument to measure the density of liquid





14. Vinegar is chemically known as





15. Shortest bone in the human body

 Leg bone

 Jaw bone

 Nose bone

 Ear bone

16. Guru Teg Bahadur was a contemporary of


 Bahadur Shah

 Shah Jahan

 Bahadur Shah Zafar

17. U.N.O. was setup in





18. Jute mills are mainly in





19. The father of GEOGRAPHY



 Carl Ritter


20. The Island of Greenland is integral part of




 None of these

21. Environment day falls on

 8th July

 5th June

 7th May

 6th April

22. Mt.Everest was first scaled in





23. Pulses are rich in




 None of these

24. Mira Bai sang in praise of

 Lord Krishna

 Lord Rama

 Lord Mahavira

 Lord Buddha

25. The oldest veda is


 Yajur Veda

 Sam Veda

 Rig Veda



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