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Daily Quiz

1. Akbar was enthroned at age of





2. The Mughal dynasty in India was founded in





3. Theory of Evolution was coined by




 L. Pasteur

4. Limestone on strong heating gives out


 Carbon Dioxide

 Sulphur Dioxide


5. M.P. Test is meant for

 Malaria test

 Liver test

 Cancer test

 Throat test

6. Which of the following organisations regulate Mutual Funds in India



 Stock Exchanges

 Both RBI and SEBI

7. The term Closed Economy stands for

 No export or import

 No giving and taking

 No dealings at all

 Quick supply of Money

8. Which is known as the plastic money

 Credit Card

 Bearer Cheque

 Demand Draft

 Gift Cheque

9. Who founded Janta Party





10. Under which Article emergency can proclaimed





11. The President can nominate in the Lok sabha

 2 members

 4 members

 6 members

 8 members

12. Article 1 of our constitution declares India as a

 Union of States

 Unitary State

 Federal State

 None of these

13. Who is the writer of the book A FORGOTTEN EMPIRE

 Max. Mueller

 Robert Sewell

 Elizabeth Browning


14. International Women Day falls on

 8th March

 First May

 15th October

 31st April

15. The shrine HAZRATBAL is located at

 New Delhi




16. Asia's biggest tunnel is

 Gandhi Tunnel, Delhi

 Shimla Tunnel, Shimla

 Jawahar Tunnel, Banihal

 Archit Tunnel, Kashmir

17. The number of Rajya Sabha seats in Punjab





18. Who was the first P.M. of India

 Jawahar Lal Nehru

 Lal Bahadur Shastri

 Mrs.Indira Gandhi

 Charan Singh

19. A light year is a unit of





20. The largest planet of the Solar System is





21. National Game of India is





22. Bismillah Khan wad famous as a

 Shehnai player

 Ghazal king

 Music Composer

 Tabla player

23. Name the folk dance of Rajasthan





24. India's rank in World population





25. Indian state with minimum districts (only two)




 Uttar Pradesh



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