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Daily Quiz

1. The State with lowest Population in India is

 Arunachal Pradesh




2. The first C.M.of Punjab was

 Partap Singh Kairon

 Gopi Chand Bhargava

 Bhim Sen Sachchar

 Giani Zail Singh

3. Bank with the largest no.of branches in India





4. Who launched Jawahar Rozgar Yojna

 Menka Gandhi

 Sanjay Gandhi

 Indira Gandhi

 Rajiv Gandhi

5. How many currencies are used in the Real Effective Exchange Rate





6. The term GNP stands for

 Gross National Principle

 Gross Natural Product

 Gross Natural Product

 Gross National Product

7. CARDIOLOGY is the study of

 Human body

 Human hurt

 Human head

 Human liver

8. EI Nino is a

 Dust storm

 Sea storm

 Heavy rain

 Ocean wave

9. Nitroglycerin is a

 Simple Chemical

 Powerful explosive

 Ordinary herb

 Popular medicine

10. Jaundice is a disease of





11. The most famous scientist of India

 Baba Amtee



 APJ Abdul Kalam

12. Shivaji died in the year

 1685 A.D.

 1682 A.D.

 1683 A.D.

 1680 A.D.

13. The indus Valley people used clothes of


 Cotton and Silk

 Cotton, Wool and Silk

 Cotton and Wool

14. Third battle of Panipat was fought in





15. Cotton crop grow most in

 Black soil

 Brown soil

 Wheatish soil

 None of these

16. Which state of India produces maximum coffee





17. Baglihar Project is being constructed on





18. EASTER is a festival of the





19. Zakir Hussain is related to





20. Ballo, Kikli and Jaggo are famous in





21. Who among the following won the women's Wimbledon Tennis Open on 5 July

 Serena Williams

 Maria Sharapova

 Petra Kvitova

 Engenie Bouchard

22. Which new Ministry was created by the PM Narendra Modi on 29 May,2014

 Ministry of Skill Development of Entrepreneurship

 Home Ministry

 Defence and Offence Ministry

 Cyber Ministry



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