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Daily Quiz

1. The famous Durgiana Temple is situated at





2. U.S. Dollar is referred to as





3. Who was called True Gandhian


 Morarji Desai


 Charan Singh

4. Who can proclaim emergency

 The President

 The Prime Minister

 The C.J. of S.C.

 The Vice-president

5. Where was Zero first used





6. Which of the following is a rich source of Vitamin B6





7. Good Friday is associated with

 The Birth of Christ

 The Last Supper

 The Crucifixion of Christ

 The Resurrection of Christ

8. Sitara Devi is a maestro of one of the following dance forms





9. The World Health Day is observed every year on

 24th October

 5th September

 14th November

 7 April

10. Indian State with maximum Christians





11. When was Submarine Telegraphy System was opened between India and Europe





12. American flag is nicknamed

 Ancient glory

 Great glory

 Old glory

 None of these

13. The Snake Garden is situated at





14. Which of the following treaty is associated with the use of Nuclear Power





15. Highest water fall of the world







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