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Daily Quiz

1. Where is located National Library of India

 New Delhi




2. The French Revolution took place in

 1770 A.D.

 1870 A.D.

 1789 A.D.

 1670 A.D.

3. The highest milk yielding cow is




 None of these

4. State richest in pulses


 Tamil Nadu



5. Most poisonous fish


 Stone fish

 Small fish


6. The Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on

 6th August, 1943

 6th August, 1945

 2nd August, 1945

 2nd August, 1944

7. Charak was a famous




 None of these

8. The English king who never spoke English

 Duke first

 Duke second


 King George first

9. Name the religion followed by the Gupta rulers




 None of the above

10. The oldest political party of India is

 Bhartiya Janta Party

 Communist Party of India

 Muslim League

 Indian National Congress

11. Primer Minster of England when india became free was

 Winston Churchill


 Clement Atlee

 Harold Wilson

12. The sun is .......... times bigger than the earth





13. Pashmina goats are found in


 J and k


 West Bengal

14. During which five year plan The khadi and Village Industries Commission was established







 Mahatma Gandhi

 Swami Vivekananda

 Swami Ramakrishna

16. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, belonged to





17. Silver coating on sweets is called





18. The country whose National Anthem has no words but only music



 Sri Lanka


19. Commercial vulcanisation of rubber involves





20. Oldest Church of India is in





21. Which animal often changes its colour





22. Jambavat in the Ramayana, was the leader of





23. SAARC was formed in





24. The richest state of of India







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