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Daily Quiz

1. Cabinet mission came to india in the year





2. In which year salt satyagrahra took place





3. Who was the first speaker of independent india's lok sabha

 G V mavalankar

 Bali ram bhagat

 Hukam singh

 Rabi ray

4. Who was the contitutional advisor to the constituent assembly of india

 B R Ambedkar

 B N Rao

 Rajendra prasad

 J L nehru

5. Who among the following visited gandhiji in South Africa

 Lokmanya tilk

 G K gokhale

 J l Nehru

 B G tilk

6. Who founded the Home Rule League in Calcutta in 1916 AD

 A O Hume

 Mahatama gandhi

 Annie besant

 Lokmanya tilk

7. Who is called the 'Fathet of the indian National Congress'

 Bal gangadhar tilk

 Lolmanya tilk

 A O Hume

 Surendra nath banerjee

8. The government of india 1919 is also known as

 Pitts india act

 Montague chelmsford reforms

 Morley minto reforms

 Regulating act

9. Who among the following is referred to as 'Desert Fox

 Gen Eisenhover

 Lord wavell

 Gen McArthur

 Gen rommel

10. The delhi general who successfully advanced up to madurai was

 Muhammad ghori

 Malik kafur

 Khizr khan

 M bin tughlaq


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