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Daily Quiz

1. Who started the first English newspaper in india

 Raja rammohan roy

 Bal gangadhar tilak

 Lord bentinck

 J.A. Hickey

2. Permanent revenue settlement of bengal was introduced by





3. The English established their first factory in india at





4. Do or Die is the famous slogan given by

 Mahatma gandhi

 Vallabhbhai patel

 Jawaharlal nehru

 Rajiv gandhi

5. Which of these battles proved decisive in the anglo french rivalry in india

 Battle of wandiwash

 Battle of assaye

 Battle of chillianwala

 Battle of seringapatam

6. The concept of anuvrata was advocated by

 The lokayata school

 Mahayana buddhism

 Hinayana buddhism


7. Which of the following was first started by mahatma gandhi


 Quit india movement

 Civil disobedience

 Non cooperation

8. Who was appointed as ambassador to china during the time of mohammad bin tughlaq

 Ibn batuta

 Abdur razzak



9. The indus religion did not include the worship of

 Mother goddess

 Certain animal chimeras and their anthropic figruer

 Forces of nature

 Trees and their spirits

10. The boston tea party was

 A celebration of the harvest of tea leaves

 A protest against the tea drinkers of boston

 An annual social affairs

 None of these



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