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Daily Quiz

1. The first Punjabi poet used the symbol of human relationship between wife and husband to express his longing for union with divine

 Sheikh Farid -ud-din

 Bulle shah

 Sultan Bahu

 Baba Farid

2. The atmosphere is divided into homosphere and hetrosphere . the homosphere extends upto the height of





3. The French Revolution gave rise to the theory of





4. The head Quarters of ILO is located at


 The Hague

 New York


5. Oldest book composed among the following was





6. Akhar 2010 is

 Bilingual Punjabi English Word Processor

 Programme to preserve Punjabi as a language at international arena

 Mission to promote Punjabi as 2nd language in North India

 Seminar held to honour various personalities of Punjabi Literature

7. In Punjab three civil aviation clubs are at





8. First solar power plant of India is at





9. Ludhiana is called Manchester of India because of

 Higher density of Population


 Best Infrastructure

 Punjab Agricultural University

10. On the basis of census 2011,(find correct statement) 1.Sex ratio in Punjab is 940 2.Literacy rate in Punjab is 76.68% 3.Urbanization ratio in Punjab is 29.55% 4.Area under forest in Punjab is 20.64%

 1,2 and 3

 2 and 3

 2,3 and 4

 1,3 and 4


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