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Daily Quiz

1. JSE Limited is the Stock Exchange of




 South Africa

2. which of the following is the smallest country of the world



 Vatican City


3. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and

 Red sea

 Mediterranean Sea

 Caspian Sea

 Baltic Sea

4. What is the name of Parliament of Iran



 States genaral


5. Orange Festival celebrated in





6. Human Kidney Stone is

 Calcium Nitrate

 Calcium Oxalate

 Calcium Carbonate

 Calcium Phosphate

7. What is the Vedic name of River Ravi





8. The schedule of Indian Constitution dealing with the Administration of Municipalities is

 Schedule XIII

 Schedule XI

 Schedule V

 Schedule XII

9. The World Famous UNESCO Heritage Site Fatehpur Sikri is in

 Andhra Pradesh

 Uttar Pradesh



10. Good People To Grow With is the tagline of

 Indian Overseas Bank

 Canara Bank

 Dena Bank

 Bank of Baroda

11. Which of the following metals has the lowest melting point





12. Which of the following metals does not get affected by nitric acid





13. Rusting of iron is an example of





14. Natya Shastra was written by

 Bharat Muni

 Jandu Muni

 Narad Muni

 Vyas Muni

15. Banking Ombudsman is appointed by

 Government of India

 State Governments



16. Which of the following has become a legal right under 44th Amendment

 Right to Education

 Right to Judicial Remedies

 Right to Property

 Right to work

17. Value added services means

 Giving discounts

 Additional services for the same cost

 High cost products

 Low cost products

18. The country consisted of largest number of islands is





19. Largest planet of our Solar System





20. Monopoly in the market refers to

 One seller one buyer

 Many seller many buyer

 Many seller one buyer

 One seller many buyer

21. Aravalli ranges are an example of

 Volcanic mountains

 Block mountains

 Residual mountains

 Folded mountains

22. Where are the headquarters of the International Olympics Committee located





23. Which one out of the following helps in burning

 Carbon monoxide



 Carbon dioxide

24. The space agency NASA belongs to





25. 'Van Heusen' is a leading International brand of


 Formal wear

 Fashion accessories

 None of these


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