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Daily Quiz

1. Who prepares to topographical maps of India

 Geological survey of India

 Defence Ministry

 Survey of India

 Geographical survey of India

2. Head office of BRICS bank is at


 South Africa



3. NABARD was established on the recommendations of

 Lodha Committee

 Kelkar Committee

 Shah Committee

 Narsimham Committee

4. Name the story written by Rabindranath Tagore

 Unto the Last




5. One Astronomical unit is the average distance between

 Earth and the Moon

 Earth and the Sun

 Jupiter and the Sun

 Moon the Earth

6. Who gave Vallabhbhai Pael the title of Sardar

 C. Rajagopalachari

 J.L. Nehru

 M. K. Gandhi

 Rabindra Nath Tagore

7. A lunar eclipse occurs when

 The sun comes between the earth and the moon

 The earth comes between the sun and the moon

 The sun, the moon and the earth are not in the same line

 The moon comes between the sun and the earth

8. Bats can fly in the dark, because

 They have better vision in the dark

 The pupils of their eyes are very big

 They are guided by ultrasonic waves produced by them

 All the above

9. Sourav Kothari was recently in news. He is associated with





10. Which of the following states does not has RRB





11. The film Kai Po Che is based on the novel


 An Indian Girl

 The Loving Dool

 The 3 Mistakes of My Life

12. The longest rock tunnel of the world is located is





13. Which one of the following is not a Fundamental Right

 Right to Property

 Right to Equality

 Right Against Exploitation

 Right to Freedom of Religion

14. When was Forest Conservation Act passed in India





15. Which of the following is a commercial crop





16. International Girl Child Day celebrate on

 8th October

 11th October

 1st October

 14th October

17. Silk is the secretion of

 Thoracic Glands

 Abdominal Glands

 Salivary Glands

 None of these

18. The Indian Parliament consists of

 Lok Sabha Only

 Rajya Sabha Only

 Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha

 Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha & the President

19. A device which converts AC into DC is known as





20. Which of the following is not a national holiday

 2nd October

 25th December

 15th August

 26th January


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