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Daily Quiz

1. Caterpillar is a




 none of these

2. Which State has the highest population in India




 Madhya Pradesh

3. Who was the court poet of Harshavardhana

 Abul Fazal




4. Tides are primarily a result of the

 Ocean currents

 Pressure system of the earth

 Farrel's Law

 Attraction of the moon

5. The newest country in the world is


 East Trimor



6. The acronym of YAHOO stands for

 Yet Another Hierarchical Object Orientation

 Young American Hi-tech Organization in Ohio

 Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

 None of these

7. Who was known as the Saint of the Gutters

 Baba Amte

 Mother Teresa

 Jyotirao Phule

 C. F. Andrews

8. R. K. Laxman was recently in news and was a famous





9. Myanmar is the new name of





10. Who was the first women ruler of Delhi




 Razia Begum

11. What is mean by Pink Sheet

 RBI's Monetary Policy norms

 IMF's Data sheet on current account deficits

 World Bank Commodities Price Data

 WHO Data Sheet on Ebola

12. The term Whitewash is associated with which game





13. The state producing maximum vegetables in India is


 West Bengal

 Uttar Pradesh


14. NREGA was renamed MNREGA on

 October 2, 2009

 October 12, 2009

 November 2, 2008

 October 2, 2010

15. Sushila Karki became the first female Chief Justice of





16. Leakage of which of the following gases had caused the Bhopal Gas Tragedy

 Carbon Mono-oxide

 Nitric oxide

 Sulphur di-oxide

 Methyl isocyanate

17. In computer terms DOS means

 Denial of Service

 Distant Operator Service

 Disk Operating System

 None of the above

18. Minamata disease is caused due to

 Cadmium poisoning

 Lead poisoning

 Arsenic poisoning

 Mercury poisoning

19. SWIFT codes are mainly user by



 Stock Exchange


20. Which country inaugurated the world's latest stock exchange





21. The Chabahar port development agreement was signed with India and





22. Mission Bhagiratha is a water supply project of



 Uttar Pradesh

 Andhra Pradesh

23. Which of the following party is not a recognised national political party




 Samajwadi Party

24. Hoover Dam is built on which of the following rivers

 Colorado River

 Nile River

 Niger River

 Rhine River

25. Which of the following Rigvedic deities represented Storm






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