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Daily Quiz

1. Fax is an example of which type of channel




 Full duplex

2. WAV WMA and AIFF are examples of

 Rich text file formats

 encoder programs

 audio file formats

 udio editing software

3. Which of the following is the key function of a firewall





4. BIOS of computer is stored in




 Hard disk

5. The process that rearranges file fragments into contiguous files is called




 None of these

6. The scrambling of code is known as





7. Mother Teresa won the Nobel Prize for Peace in which year





8. The Bhavanisagar Dam is in which state


 Himachal Pradesh


 Tamil Nadu

9. Currency of Saudi Arabia





10. Mount Everest is located in





11. Headquarter of NABARD is in





12. Victoria is the capital city of





13. The tenure of the Rajya Sabha is

 3 years


 5 years

 6 years

14. The book Death Under the Deodars is written by

 Chetan Bhagat

 Kiran Desai

 Aruna Nandhini

 Ruskin Bond

15. Who is the first Indian to score triple century in Test Cricket

 Sachin Tendulkar

 Virendra Sehwag

 MS Dhoni

 Suresh Raina

16. Headquarter of Bandhan Bank is in





17. What was the theme of Olympics 2016 which was held in Rio De Janerio Brazil

 Unity and Enlightment

 Peace and Environment

 Equality and Equity

 Social and Justice

18. Which is the largest river island in India clinched position in The Guinness World Records



 Lohachara Island

 Bhavani Island

19. Velankanni festival celebrated in which state



 Tamil Naidu


20. Lokesh Rahul is related to which sport





21. Longest Railway Platform in India is in





22. Khajuraho Group of Monuments is in

 Madhya Pradesh

 Uttar Pradesh



23. Compulsory Education is associated with which of the following article of indian constitution





24. Who is referred as the Father of Indian Economic Planning


 Radha Kant

 Sardar Vallabhai Patel

 Subash Chandra Bose

25. The founder of Bharatiya Brahmo Samaj is

 Raja Ram Mohan Roy

 Bal Gangadhar Tilak

 Keshub Chandra Sen

 Dayananda Saraswati


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