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Daily Quiz

1. The first book written by Gandhi Ji was

 My Experiment with Truth

 India of My Dreams

 Hind Swaraj

 Key to the Health

2. The Constitution of India declares India as

 A voluntary Federation

 A Union of States

 A Confederation

 A Federation

3. The real name of Sabarmati Ashram

 Gandhi Ashram

 Dandi Ashram

 Satyagraha Ashram

 Finiks Farm

4. Who nominates the 12 members for Rajya Sabha in India


 Vice President


 Lok Sabha Speaker

5. Which part of the Constitution of India is related to the 'citizenship





6. Which one of the following is not a computer language





7. Which of the following is the universal gate





8. The Administrative Staff college of india is located in





9. Who translated the autobiography of Madame Curie in Hindi

 Jawaharlal Nehru

 S R Jain

 M K Gandhi

 Lal Bahadur Shastri

10. National Aquatic Animal of India is


 River Dolphin

 Katla Fish

 Green Fish

11. Largest of india population wise is





12. Lowest Point of India is

 Lonar crator Lake

 Chilka Lake

 Wular Lake


13. Patkai mountain is located in which part of india





14. Which of the following is the largest state areawise in india

 Arunachal Pradesh



 Uttar Pradesh

15. Longest beach in india is

 Barkala Beach

 Agonda Beach

 Cavelossim Beach

 Marina Beach

16. Indian Foreign Policy is related to which article of Indian constitution





17. Longest Serving Speaker of Lok Sabha

 Balram Jakhar

 GV Malvankar

 Rajendra Prasad

 PA Sangma

18. First session of Lok Sabha was held on

 15th Aug 1950

 15th Aug 1948

 13th May 1952

 14th May 1951

19. Largest Union Territory of India is




 Daman and Diu

20. First Chief Justice of India

 H L Dattu

 SR Dass

 H J Kania

 Chand Mahajan

21. First English Newspaper in India

 The Bengal Journal

 The Calcutta Gazatte

 The Bombay Herald

 The Bengal Gazatte

22. Sati was declared illegal and punishable by

 Lord William Bentick

 Lord Ripon

 Lord Canning

 Lord Amherst

23. Charak Samhita was a work on





24. Who assumed the power after the death of Chandragupta Maurya


 Samudra Gupta



25. Who is known as the father of Indian Archaeology

 Sir Alaxander Cunningham

 James Prinsep

 Dayaram Sahani



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