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Daily Quiz

1. Which of the following States is first to adopt Panchayati Raj


 Tamil Naidu



2. Who constitutes Finance Commission after every five years





3. What is the maximum number of elected members of Rajya Sabha





4. The term Education belongs to which of the following list

 Union List

 State List

 Concurrent List

 Residuary Subjects

5. What is the maximum time interval allowed in two sessions of parliament

 2 months

 3 months

 6 months

 5 months

6. Who is empowered to transfer one judge of highcourt to another high court




 Union Cabinet

7. Nagarjuna Dam is constructed on which of the following rivers





8. Ankleshwar and Kalol are two oil fields in


 Tamil Naidu



9. West Bengal share boundaries with how many states





10. Among the following indian states which has the maximum coverage of forest area



 Arunachal Pradesh

 Madhya Pradesh

11. Which of the following harbours is not a natural harbour





12. Rohla national park is situated in which of the following state

 Himachal Pradesh




13. Which of the following is the highest gravity dam in the world

 Beas Dam

 Nangal Dam

 Bhakhra Dam

 Hirakund Dam

14. Tehri dam receives water from which of the following rivers





15. Which of the following is uplands is not a part of Telangana Plateau

 Western Ghats


 Eastern Ghats


16. Eden canal is located in

 West Bengal




17. Saltora Ranges is located in


 Part of karakoram ranges

 Along the Vindhyas

 Part of Western Ghats

18. Which of the following country produces maximum amount of manganese

 Andhra Pradesh


 Tamil Naidu


19. Tungbhadra dam is situated in which of the following state

 Andhra Pradesh




20. Longest river of Peninsular india is





21. Sunderbans of East india is an example of

 Forest Ecosystem

 Mangrove Ecosystem

 Grassland Ecosystem

 Marine Ecosystem

22. Highest multipurpose dam built on the river Ravi is

 Bhakhra Nangal


 Rihand Dam

 Ranjit Sagar dam

23. Hirakund dam is built on which of the following rivers





24. Sunderbans and Mangroves forests are found in

 Kutch Peninsula

 Konkan Coast

 Western Ghats

 DeltaicWest Bengal

25. Which is the smallest among the following UTs


 Dadra and Nagar Haveli


 Daman and Diu


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