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Daily Quiz

1. Conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy occurs in


 Atomic bombs

 Electric heaters


2. How does the Sun get its energy

 From gravitational pressure

 From nuclear fission

 From nuclear fusion

 None of the above

3. Which colour is in the centre of Rainbow





4. Which one among the following is not a chemical change

 Curdling of Milk

 Burning of coal

 Ripening of fruit

 Evaporation of water

5. Newton is a unit of





6. Speed of sound is maximum in




 Same in all cases

7. Cream gets separated from milk when it is churned because of

 Gravitational force

 Cohesive force

 Centrifugal force

 Frictional force

8. The spread in colours in a rainbow on sky is primarily due to

 Dispersion of sunlight

 Reflection of sunlight

 Reflection of sunlight

 Total internal reflection of sunlight

9. Law of Ohm defines

 a resistance

 current only

 voltage only

 both current and voltage

10. A mobile phone charger is

 a step-up transformer

 a step-down transformer

 a UPS

 an inverter

11. Which of the following is used as a material for making protective windows in space probes





12. Faraday's Law is associated with

 Reaction of gases


 Pressure of gases

 Temperature and pressure

13. Using Dynamo

 Mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy

 Mechanical energy is converted to heat energy

 Electrical energy is converted to magnetic energy

 Electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy

14. Steel is more elastic than rubber because it

 is harder than rubber

 is never deformed

 requires larger deforming force

 is deformed very easily

15. The age of the earth can be estimated by

 Atomic clocks

 Carbon dating

 Biological clocks

 Uranium dating

16. Among the material listed below sound travels the fastest in





17. Raindrops are spherical due to

 Viscosity of water

 Surface tension

 Continuous evaporation

 Air friction

18. A device which converts AC into DC is known as





19. The freezing point of fresh water is





20. Tesla is a unit of magnetic





21. An amplifier is said to suffer from distortion when its output is

 Larger than its input



 Different from input

22. Good conductor of electricity is





23. Which two colours can be mixed to make green

 Red and Blue

 Yellow and Green

 Yellow and Blue

 Green and Blue

24. Electric fuse wire is made of alloys because alloys

 Have high melting point

 Are economical

 Do not get heated easily

 Have low melting point

25. Tides are primarily a result of the

 Attraction of the moon

 Farrel's Law

 Pressure system of the earth

 Ocean currents


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